The meaning of working with heart and soul: employee stories | part 3

What does it mean to work with heart and soul at Rituals? In this final chapter of our three-part series, we explore 'personal fulfilment and growth' as experienced by our colleagues. Discover how our team members find deep meaning and development in their roles and how this fuels their workdays.

Rituals employee

‘Embrace personal fulfilment and growth’

Stefanie Schwehn, HR Specialist in Germany, explains that "working with heart and soul is about making the most of every moment and drawing learnings from each day." How do you draw learnings from daily experiences? “It's really about connecting with people on different levels. In my chats with Area Managers and Shop Managers, we talk about more than just work. I get to hear about their day-to-day challenges. It's sharing experiences and understanding each other's world. Also, when I am helping out in the shops, for example, during the Christmas season, I use that moment to connect and grow. This helps me see things from their perspective and learn from it, which in turn makes our working relationship stronger and more human.”

Sebastian Maar, Head of Retail Operations, Netherlands, points out his involvement in the development of his team. “I invest time in coaching and mentoring my team members. We collaborate closely, working with each individual to pinpoint their strengths and areas they can develop further. This process is about personal growth for each team member and the entire team; it significantly strengthens our overall cohesion and effectiveness."

Victor de Drouas, Head of Retail in France, emphasises pride in his work, focusing on business success and human connections. His approach to work is ensuring team members feel accomplished and happy in their roles. Geraldine McCarthy, Area Manager from Ireland, adds: "Working with exceptionally talented and fun-loving colleagues, from the head office to the shop floor, has been key to my personal and professional growth.”

Shop Manager, Sebastian

Committed to grow with colleagues

Personal development is an essential part of working with heart and soul. In our team at Rituals, we see growth as a collective journey. We learn from each other's unique strengths, fostering a workplace where personal development and teamwork intertwine. As we advance in our careers, our bonds with colleagues deepen, creating a culture where success and growth are shared experiences.

Read more stories from our colleagues and discover what working with heart and soul means to them: empathy and connection and dedication and passion.

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