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Connecting with customers

Work inside a Rituals shop

Despite our 1,100+ locations, each Rituals shop has the atmosphere of a family-run boutique, driven by friendly and caring employees. We support each other, value personal connections, and put our wholehearted effort into creating shopping experiences that leave a lasting impression with our customers.

Join one of our teams and become part of a close-knit community, where success is celebrated together. On your first day you’ll receive a personal welcome package and you’ll join various shop anniversaries and product launches throughout the year. Think flowers, think champagne, think confetti. As a team, we simply make the most out of every moment.

Enjoy our benefits

We're all about showing our appreciation. As part of one of our teams, you will enjoy:

  • Exclusive employee discounts on Rituals products and services
  • Plenty of surprises and gifts, as Rituals is all about gift-giving
  • Access to special offers from our partners, including wellbeing perks
  • Extensive opportunities for growth, featuring trainings, coaching and our wide-ranging eLearning platform The Book of Rituals
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Connecting with the customer

As a shop employee, you play a vital role in our brand's success story. We create unique shopping experiences, where every customer interaction is special. You guide them on their ‘feel good experience’ at Rituals, immersing them in a world with luxurious products. You connect over personal conversation, and help them find the product that suits their needs. When they leave, you make sure they leave with memories, not just merchandise.

Our culture: every detail tells a story

Dive into our world with this video series about the small things our team members appreciate. In each video they let us in on a personal story that reveals the great beauty of Rituals' culture.

Enisa in store
An employee talks about the unique culture at Rituals

Shops where timeless elegance meets modern innovation

In our prime locations, our shops blend elegance with innovation. As a dynamic brand, we introduce new products and diverse shop formats throughout the year. We are constantly reinventing ourselves, which creates an exciting work atmosphere. In some countries, we have expanded to feature unique and innovative Body Spas and Mind Oases.

Sustainable wellbeing

We believe in doing our bit for the planet, and often, it's the simple choices that make a big difference. In our shops, our commitment begins with green energy and extends to our products. They are crafted with over 90% natural ingredients, and we provide refills for many of our products. These are just a few examples of how we use our business for good. In 2022 we received our B Corp™ Certification – one of the most respected certifications when it comes to sustainability and impact. For us, it's about caring for the planet as much as we care for our team and customers.

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Stories on learning & development

Watch this video to see an open and honest conversation between two of our colleagues. They respond to unknown questions about their personal and professional development and reveal unique insights into their progress.

Two employees discussing their career development in Rituals


Inside a Rituals shop with products

We place growth at the very heart of your career journey. And we're here to nurture your development every step of the way. We encourage personal and professional growth, for example through our Leadership Foundations Program or our Retail Career Guide. We will help you advance your career while boosting your wellbeing. 

For all of our colleagues, we aim to create a vibrant working space. One that inspires, that drives your purpose and fuels your growth.

We work with heart & soul, meaning we do what we love and we love what we do. It creates a magical chemistry between all of us, leaving us fulfilled at the end of each day.

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It's the little things that make a difference

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We radiate positivity and give it our all

Connecting with the customer

Creating moments of connection and joy