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Balancing body, mind & soul

They are everywhere, every single day, waiting to be discovered. Small moments that we tend to overlook, but that hold the power to breathe beauty into our day. At Rituals, we believe that being aware of these moments is key to a happier and more fulfilled life.

As a brand dedicated to personal wellbeing in the luxury beauty industry, we are foremost founder of integrating bath, body and home care into a single portfolio. Our products range from body care, home fragrances, natural-origin skin care to home wear and are inspired by ancient wisdom and traditions. With over 1,100 shops in 33 countries, and over 20 years of experience, we aim to help our customers balance body, mind and soul.

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Raymond Cloosterman, Founder & CEO of Rituals
"We're not here to sell beauty, we are here to make you feel good."

The Art of Soulful Living

For years, Rituals has invited its customers to take small moments to focus on their wellbeing, to not live life on autopilot. Modern wellbeing, however, has evolved into so much more. Today it is not just about body and mind, but about aligning to our soul - our authentic selves. The Art of Soulful Living takes a holistic approach, a compass that will guide you on a journey of ultimate wellbeing to find true balance.


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Working with heart & soul at Rituals means infusing your tasks with passion, energy, and a sense of fun. It's about embracing the uniqueness of each individual and valuing the caring aspect that sets us apart. As a team, we go the extra mile. For each other and for our customers, helping them find those special calm moments in their busy lives. 

We’d love for you to join us and bring your valuable talents, your heart & soul. We believe in the unique impact you can have as an individual.

The world of Rituals

10,000+employees worldwide
33+countries across the globe
800+unique products
5Mind Oases and 4 Body Spas
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1,100+stores worldwide
3,500+boutique hotels
800+travel locations

Humble beginnings

Dive into the story of Rituals, and read about our two-decade journey of transformation. Explore the story behind our brand, and find out how we evolved from one shop in Amsterdam into a global company.

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Raymond Cloosterman, founder rituals

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