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Celebrating diversity

Rituals is deeply grounded in ancient traditions, and embracing diverse cultures has been part of our identity from the very start. We are proud to say that our offices and shops are home to over 10,000 colleagues, representing more than a hundred different nationalities. Our commitment to diversity, combined with our active pursuit of equity and inclusion, is crucial to our success. This approach is not just important; it's essential as we continue our journey to become the iconic global wellbeing brand.

It’s part of our DNA

In everything we do, we consider and integrate diversity and inclusion. With this holistic approach, we ensure it’s in the DNA of our organisation, our culture, policies, practices and objectives. These four pillars guide us along the way:


We aim to make a meaningful contribution to society whether this is through our philosophy of wellbeing for all, our support for equal opportunities or our sustainability efforts. Therefore, we collaborate with and sponsor many foundations, such as War Child, Tiny Miracles and Super Chill.


We've created a welcoming workspace to ensure everyone feels valued and at home. We firmly believe that a team can truly thrive when uniqueness is celebrated. To further these efforts, we have established a D&I board and collaborate closely with employee resource groups that unite people throughout the organisation.


Our product development is informed by the expertise of our internal D&I ambassadors, complemented by insights from a broad range of consumers. Our products are created and tested based on their input, ensuring that we leave no stone unturned.


We cultivate a brand philosophy that engages with different people and identities, regardless of age, cultural background, gender, or any other traits - visible or hidden.

Building a brand that welcomes everyone

We collaborate closely with two key employee resource groups: GLOW and the Omni Culture Community. Their involvement is essential, ensuring that everything from policy to people to product receives diverse insights. This approach enables our organisation to embrace a wide range of perspectives.


Within Rituals, we have an internal LGBTQIA+ employee resource group called GLOW: Generating Love, Opportunities and Wellbeing. This group of 100+ colleagues supports and inspires on LGBTQIA+ topics and focuses on raising awareness within and outside of this community. We organise events, meet ups and inspiring masterclasses, and collaborate with departments on inclusive policies.

Daan, producer The Agency
Producer, The Agency, HQ Amsterdam
"At GLOW, we're all about events, communication, and making a difference. We're here to care, inspire, and offer ethical advice for any LGBTQI+ questions."

In 2022 and 2023 we joined the Pride Canal Parade Amsterdam with our boat ‘The Ritual of Love’ to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community and show our support of acceptance and equality. Employees from all over the world came to Amsterdam to take part in this celebration.

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Omni Culture Community

This employee resource group is dedicated to connecting cultures, shaping us into a more global company, and tackling biases. Key actions include our Language Buddy Program, enhancing cross-cultural understanding, and collaborating with HR on inclusive policies for expats and international mobility. We also engage in open discussions about cultural sensitivity, all part of our commitment to a transparent and inclusive workplace.

Diversity and Inclusion Board

This ambassador group (D&I board) is a diverse representation of colleagues across our company. They continuously review our D&I policy and set up programmes with the aim of creating a safe culture where everyone feels involved and valued and has access to the same opportunities.

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Inclusion Talks

Inclusion talks is a series of informal conversations about promoting an inclusive workplace at Rituals. Engaging discussions that transcend strategies and roadmaps, and instead focus on the power of our day-to-day interactions. From those casual coffee breaks to inspiring lunchtime chats, about topics such as allyship, cultural sensitivity, and bridging the generational gap. We'll explore how each and every one of us holds the key to creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued, respected, appreciated, and truly belongs.

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Sponsor of AmplifyHer

We aspire to maintain an environment where everybody can gain knowledge on leadership, personal development, and issues important in today’s workforce. That’s why we’re a proud sponsor of AmplifyHer, a women’s visibility conference, supporting the development of female professionals. This conference is visited by employees of all genders.

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