The meaning of working with heart and soul: employee stories | part 1

Work should be more than ticking off tasks on a to-do list. To us, it's about doing something that is close to your heart, something that leaves you fulfilled at the end of each day. That's what we call 'to work with heart and soul'. What does it mean to our colleagues?

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What drives us is a deep-rooted desire to care for you, our customers, the world around us and each other. Our purpose is to help customers turn everyday routines into meaningful moments and make them feel good. We give it our all to achieve the best results because we believe that when you care and put your heart and soul into your job – all the energy you give returns. All of our colleagues work with heart and soul in their own unique way. We asked them how.

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To our colleagues, working with heart and soul is all about empathy and connection, dedication and passion, and personal fulfilment and growth.

“Work with heart & soul” is about empathy and connection - let’s hear what our colleagues say about it

Ana Troncoso, Assistant Shop Manager in Spain, shares: “It means making sure that everyone who visits our shop leaves feeling better than when they arrived." Her words highlight her dedication to positively impacting people. “It’s the little things that make the difference: from surprising a customer with something special to connecting with them at the shop’s water island or boosting a colleague’s mood with a compliment or a joke to laugh about.”

To Amarah Simms, a Sales Advisor in the UK, it’s also about this approach to customer interactions: “Giving your all, using your soul to connect with others in a genuine way, and using your heart to make meaningful and sincere (product and service) suggestions," she says, explaining her commitment to authentic engagement. “With colleagues, I also always prioritise connection. I want to radiate positivity, whether that's through positive affirmations, cheering one on or thanking somebody for their commitment to results.”

“For me, it means working with people who give me energy.” Aleksandra Pieńkowska, a Recruiter in Poland, adds to this. “As a result, I engage with my work 150% and feel fulfilled and motivated to perform," she explains. Similarly, our Head of Marketing DACH, Anna Pütz, mentions that working with heart and soul – for her – means "wanting to achieve our goals and pouring our heart into everything we do, but in a meaningful way instead of an egocentric way. It just adds more results and fun to everything we do."

Sara Sinning Dalsgaard shares her approach to elevating everyday interactions as a Shop Manager in Denmark. With simple gestures of gratitude, celebration, and self-love, she creates real moments of connection and joy: "Whether it's with a meaningful hug and a pep talk for a colleague, or by greeting customers with a warm cup of tea and making eye contact."

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Creating heartfelt connections

Each of these voices from our teams across the world underscores the significance of crafting special moments and forging heartfelt connections. It's about more than just providing a service or selling beauty, it's about creating a positive impact with every interaction and making people feel good.

Read more stories from our colleagues and discover what working with heart and soul means to them: dedication and passion and personal fulfilment and growth

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