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Rituals’ global offices; where we work with heart & soul

Across the globe, Rituals’ offices are located in the hearts of major cities like Amsterdam, Paris, and Hong Kong. These beautiful spaces serve as hubs of creativity, designed to encourage collaboration among a diverse range of talents. Here, a culture of curiosity, openness, and high performance is not just encouraged but thrives.

In this dynamic setting, every team member is dedicated to enhancing the experiences of our customers and in-store colleagues. Our diverse efforts include strategising the next major campaign, developing innovative product lines, conducting employee training and organising in-store events. While each department has it's unique focus, our shared ambition is clear: to continually elevate Rituals as the iconic wellbeing brand.

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Montse, Recruitment Manager Iberica
"Whenever I'm at the office, I can feel the buzz, the energy. It is difficult to explain, but it's contagious for sure. I feel we're making our dreams come true here."

Celebrating meaningful moments

Our sky-high ambitions and humble nature go hand in hand. We collectively go the extra mile with heart & soul to realise our goals and objectives. We devote equal enthusiasm to celebrating our achievements and appreciating each moment, big and small. When you join us, you get to experience an unparalleled, fun-loving atmosphere.

Celebrating meaningful moments


Inside Rituals Offices

We place growth at the very heart of your career journey. And we're here to nurture your development every step of the way. With tools like our specialised Global People Academy or our eLearning platform The Book of Rituals, you're sure to flourish both professionally and personally.

For all of our colleagues, we aim to create a vibrant working space. One that inspires, that drives your purpose and fuels your growth.

Our culture: every detail tells a story

Dive into our world with this video series about the small things our team members appreciate. In each video they let us in on a personal story that reveals the great beauty of Rituals' culture.

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Sustainable wellbeing

We care about our planet and communities as much as we care about our employees and customers. That’s why we’ve introduced Karma Days, encouraging each office employee to devote a day per year to charitable work, making a positive impact beyond our walls. We also partner with Tiny Miracles, use green energy, and source over 90% natural ingredients for our products, offering refills for most of them. These are just a few examples of how we use our business for good. In 2022 we received our B Corp Certification – one of the most respected certifications when it comes to sustainability and impact.

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What drives us, is a deep-rooted desire to care: for our customers, ourselves, the world and each other.


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Our products help you slow down, but at Rituals we move fast

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Having an eye for the world around us, is our way for doing business

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Together we go the extra mile by aiming big and acting small

Current office careers

IT Internship

CHO Keizersgracht Amsterdam

Senior Digital Category Specialist – Gifting

Rituals Herengracht Hoofdkantoor

Cash & Credit Control Specialist

CHO Keizersgracht Amsterdam

Finance Internship

CHO Keizersgracht Amsterdam

Digital Category Specialist

Rituals Herengracht Hoofdkantoor

Senior Business Analyst & Team Lead

Rituals Herengracht Hoofdkantoor