The meaning of working with heart and soul: employee stories | part 2

What does working with heart and soul mean to Rituals employees? In this second chapter of our three-part series, we explore what our colleagues describe as working with ‘dedication and passion’. Find out what brings energy and meaning to their work at Rituals.

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What our team says: ‘it’s about dedication and passion’

Many of our colleagues are driven by contagious enthusiasm and fully committed to their work. It's not just about the job; it's about bringing your whole self to work.

Sebastian Maar, our Head of Retail Operations in the Netherlands, lays it out plain and simple: "To me, working with heart and soul means I go the extra mile. I invest my energy into every aspect of my work, aiming for nothing less than excellence." He finds creating a supportive environment essential to this and leads by example. For instance, he enjoyed participating in the opening process when launching our first outlet stores in our Benelux market. From being on the shop floor building up the store to filling the shelves with products, preparing the team and much more, Sebastian worked closely and hands-on with his team to create a memorable and best-in-class shop opening.

Nicol Burzawa, Shop Manager in Poland, says to her it’s about “being emotionally involved in what I do." She shares that she is a fan of the brand as a customer and an employee. "This allows me to be authentic and have deeper connections with colleagues and customers."

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Martin Thun, Head of Training NORDICS, sees his work as an extension of his passion, "When you feel so passionate about your work that it almost doesn’t feel like work." He notices that, for example, with himself and his colleagues when hosting a training where you do not just focus on know-how transfer but put the participants in the centre of attention. Then everyone’s personality can break through, and it is not only about knowledge but also about passion.

Shop Manager Moises Rodes from Spain talks about feeling enthusiastic and energising. “In the shop, I make an effort to create a healthy environment for the team and the customers.” His team achieves this by looking after each other through personal conversations and giving and asking for feedback to grow together. Simply listening is the key for him. Other examples of Moises creating a unique work atmosphere are celebrating the achievement of monthly targets with the whole team and having monthly challenges to make daily shifts extra fun. For instance, his team loves the themed "video challenges" to have fun and explore creativity.

Committed to loving what you do

What leaves us fulfilled at the end of each day may differ for everyone, but our colleagues agree fuelling your tasks with love and commitment is definitely a part of working with heart and soul.

Read more stories from our colleagues and discover what working with heart and soul means to them: empathy and connection and personal fulfilment and growth.

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