5 tips for more joy at work: the Rituals way

A great workday goes beyond focus and productivity. It's also about finding joy in our work, interactions, and connections. In this article, we share 5 ways to experience the power of joy and show how we embrace it at Rituals.

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Joy is one of the themes of our philosophy, The Art of Soulful Living, brought to life through our compass, which acts as a guide to personal wellbeing. To us, joy is a state of mind induced by a connection with yourself, others, and the world around you. It brings you peace, calm, fulfilment, and contentment. Whatever your life looks like today and whatever you may feel – happiness, delight, negativity, comfort, or despair – you, and only you, are the creator of your own joy. With our tips below, you can discover the power of joy at work.

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1. Do what you do best

Picture a day when work feels effortless, when you can use your unique skills and talents. That's when you're in a 'flow' state – time speeds by, you achieve more, and you enjoy every moment. Research has shown that developing your strengths improves not only your happiness but also your overall wellbeing by reducing stress, while at the same time increasing your energy and satisfaction levels.

At Rituals

How do we help you develop your natural strengths? At Rituals you can grow your skills through coaching, training and expert and leadership programs. We also have a personal e-learning hub with hundreds of learning modules. We support you to get the most out of your career. Read how you can learn and grow in our shops or our offices.

2. Set personal goals and celebrate success

Boost your work engagement by setting personal goals. Set achievable, weekly or even daily targets for yourself and ask your manager for support. Journaling can also help you keep track of it. Whether you want to learn a new skill, lead a project or advance your career overall, these goals will turn work into a journey of growth. And when you achieve these goals, it’s time to celebrate!

At Rituals

Quarterly chats about professional and personal goals, career ambitions and how to walk that growth path, are proven success factors of Rituals. Also, luckily, at Rituals we love celebrations. Birthdays, anniversaries, but especially successes from our colleagues and teams. Every team has their own ways to celebrate achieving goals, like our Creative Agency. Every month, they come together to share the work they’ve created and simply applaud each other’s creative efforts.

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3. Build meaningful connections

Think about it: you spend countless hours with your colleagues. Your relationships with them tremendously impact your satisfaction and joy at work. Do you know their favourite hobbies, music or interesting quirks? Getting to know each other better and connecting over shared interests brightens your day and creates a personal and supportive atmosphere. Use those coffee or tea breaks as golden moments to chat, share a laugh, compliment successes, and strengthen connections.

At Rituals

“Making the connection” is one of our core values at Rituals. We encourage every colleague to live by it and even include it in our goal settings. This shows how important it is to us to create sincere bonds with each other. Moreover, we set up a so-called 'Soulmate Program' for our office colleagues. As a new team member, you’ll be paired with a colleague from a different department who will help you get to know Rituals and support you in your onboarding. And these aren’t fleeting connections; many continue to meet, supporting each other along the way – even years later.

4. Share and embrace new ideas

Let your creativity shine at work. When you share your ideas, you're not just contributing; you might inspire your team. Feel free to express your thoughts and ideas, and encourage others to do so as well. This will help you view things from different perspectives or even help you grow a new skill. Plus, it also fosters meaningful teamwork and collaboration.

At Rituals

Many departments have specific meetings throughout the year to encourage collaboration and idea development. Business Technology for example, organises in-person brunches and weekly ‘Tech Tune-ins’ to get those ideas flowing.

5. Show you care

Bring joy to yourself and your colleagues with simple acts of kindness, such as offering a heartfelt compliment, taking time to help each other, and providing genuine feedback. Together, all these small actions contribute to creating a work environment where everyone feels connected and seen.

At Rituals

To name one example, our Language Buddy Program is a straightforward, effective idea from our own team members. This program helps us interact with each other in departments across the globe. It's about making sure everyone feels heard and connected, no matter where they are.

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