How do you prepare for an interview for one of our shop positions?

Are you preparing for a job interview at a Rituals shop? That's an exciting step; we're thrilled to welcome you personally soon! But first, let's take a look at some questions you might have and other tips. Let's explore.

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1. Share your story

Getting to know each other is key, and we want to learn all about you. Of course, your experiences and skills are essential to mastering the job, but to us, the person behind the application is also essential. What do you care about outside of work? What makes your heart beat faster? How does this job fit into your life and your ambitions? Share your heart, your soul, share all of you. We love to connect with your true, authentic self.

2. Show us your energy

Share the enthusiasm you feel for working at Rituals. In our shops, it's important to always be there for our customers and colleagues and connect with them personally, even on the busiest days. Show us you bring a spark of joy into every conversation.

3. Experience our world

There's nothing quite like the Rituals experience. A vital step in preparing for an interview is visiting one of our shops and immersing yourself in our world. Have a look at our products and services, chat with a future colleague and observe through the eyes of both a customer and a team member. During interviews, we usually love to hear about your experiences and observations you had with Rituals – share them with us: what caught your attention? What did you love? What could be improved?

4. Understand our brand

Read all about our company and philosophy, explore some stories about working at Rituals and check the page about working in our shop. This will help you understand the world of Rituals and how your role fits into the bigger picture.

5. Dress to express

Wondering what to wear? We get this question a lot. But don't worry; simply choose an outfit that makes you feel confident and comfortable at the same time. Of course, you can polish this look - and make your true self shine a little brighter. At the end of the day, we value authenticity and want you to express yourself.

6. Prepare concrete examples

Let's figure out in our interview how both your and the behavioural traits of Rituals match. At the end of the day, it is all about actions, right? To wow your interview partner, you could think about preparing examples from past jobs about:

  • your greatest achievement of creating customer satisfaction and loyalty,
  • how you took ownership of something, for instance, to make store operations smoother,
  • what you do daily to achieve your everyday (sales) goals, and
  • how you create genuine, meaningful connections with customers and colleagues.

You’ve got it

By following these steps, you'll walk into your interview well-prepared and relaxed. We look forward to meeting you and seeing how you could be the perfect addition to the Rituals team, and we cannot wait to tell you why we are the ideal employer for you. Good luck!

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