The Rituals’ Leadership Foundations Program Retail

Imagine the bustling atmosphere in a Rituals shop – regular product innovations, the constant flow of customers, dynamic team interactions, and much more. As a manager, you're at the heart of this excitement. At Rituals, we're committed to helping you lead, learn, and grow. That's why we've designed the Leadership Foundations Program for all our area managers, shop managers and assistant shop managers.

Rituals Shop Manager

What is the Leadership Foundations Program?

This program is not just about practical shop management; it’s a comprehensive course over several months, made to help unlock true potential and be an inspiring leader for the team. Or as Eline Postma, responsible for this program, would say: “It is created to help them become authentic leaders who empower their teams and achieve great results together.” To achieve this, the program consists of 8 modules:

  • Maximise talent: learn to amplify the intelligence of your team
  • Manage time and energy: enhance performance and wellbeing for you and your team
  • Drive employee engagement: boost your team's enthusiasm and dedication
  • Create a culture of feedback: foster open and constructive communication
  • Handle difficult conversations: build trust and confidence in challenging situations
  • Achieve results: motivate and lead your team to success
  • Hire for success: master the art of interviewing and selecting the right talent
  • Lead through change: navigate and guide your team through changes effectively

Experiences from Yvonne, Julia and Kelly

Yvonne Pauli, Shop Manager from Austria: “I love that it helps you figure out how to become even more one with your team and vice versa.  Also, the role plays of everyday situations on the shop floor, like employee appraisals, were very valuable.  I have become much more confident in my job.” Julia Seidel, Shop Manager from Germany, adds that the program was a perfect mix of fun, humour, expertise, and room for experience exchange with colleagues. Kelly van den Berg-Keet, Area Manager in the Netherlands, mentions: "It helped me a lot to reflect on my leadership, and my Rituals family is also bigger now with new friends."

Worldwide reach, personal impact

This program is for our Retail leaders from all over the world.  We want to help all our managers grow, not just as professionals but as people, and help them become better leaders.  This program is one of the many ways we support you in learning and discovering your talents once you join Rituals.

From various learning resources to clear career pathways, we provide all you need to take charge of your own journey. Because when you thrive, so do we.  Explore more about learning and growing when working in our shops.

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