Soulmates & Stories: From Fate's Hands to Career Heights. Monica's Journey of Resilience and Growth

Rituals is a community of extraordinary colleagues. In this edition of "Soulmates & Stories," we would like to introduce you to one of our female powerhouses, Monica. Read on as she talks about her amazing career path and how a personal stroke of fate did not stop her, but only made her stronger.

Monica in the office

Hey, I'm Monica!

If I had to describe myself with a book title, it would most likely be "Monica, an extroverted-introverted bundle of energy." In that book, you would find chapters outlining me as empathetic, joyful, and curious. I see life as a teacher and embrace all the lessons it gives me along the way with gratitude. Speaking of books, reading is one of my hobbies, in addition to exploring nature while doing outdoor sports. Oh, and I love meditating to slow down and connect with my inner self.

On a more professional note, I started my career at Rituals seven years ago as a Shop Manager in a small town in Germany called Rosenheim. After that, I became an Area Manager in the Munich region and advanced to our Global Head Office in Amsterdam as a Senior Specialist in the Global Retail Department about a year ago. Retail has always been my passion, and there is no place like Rituals to experience the magic of this profession.

Life is too short to not be happy.

For me, "time" is the most valuable gift that life gives us, and we should not waste it. I remember the days working at previous companies and waking up in the morning hearing my inner voice screaming, "I am not happy anymore." It was that inner voice that pushed me to search for an employer where I would love to spend my time and energy, a company and job where I could truly be myself, be recognized and appreciated for who I am and who I could still grow into – both personally and professionally. And guess what! That dream came true for me with Rituals.

My career growth within Rituals.

As a Shop Manager, I was responsible for my shop in Rosenheim, and together with my team, we lived and breathed the philosophy of Rituals. We helped people find a moment of peace in today's hectic world. That sparkle in customers' eyes when they try out our products while receiving a hand massage from us is indescribable and has given us so much energy. Suddenly, I had a job with a purpose and an actual impact. After two years, I was ready to become an Area Manager. The plans were made, and the interview with my manager and mentor, Johannes (Head of Retail in Germany), was set up. But what happens when we are busy making plans? Life turns them upside down with its own plans.

Unexpected twists and turns in my personal life.

I remember it was a warm summer day in July when my interview with Johannes was scheduled. Two hours before it, I got an unexpected, devastating message from my doctor. I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour. You can imagine my emotions and the chaotic thoughts I had. Still in shock, I joined the interview with Johannes to talk to him and explain why I had to press pause on my career. That was one of the hardest things I've had to do in my life.

What followed afterwards was proof for me that Rituals practices what it preaches. We deeply care about the people, even when things are getting harder. I was overwhelmed by all the support and love I received from Johannes, my team and colleagues, and the entire company. The countless personal messages, calls, and gifts… unforgettable… truly a wellbeing brand where employees are not just numbers but individuals who are being taken care of.

Rituals also kept their promise regarding my career journey. I was given all the time I needed to get back to my old strength and health. Finally, I took on the opportunity to become an Area Manager. Even better: after four years, I got the chance to move from Germany to The Netherlands and join the Global Retail team in Amsterdam.

Monica in our store

My takeaway from this journey.

Looking back now, I am proud of my journey and very grateful for all the support I received. It truly showed me that life is too short to waste any moment of it with unhappiness. You should never forget that you are the creator of your life. No matter what happens, you decide how to deal with it. Life is not happening against you but for and with you. And with the right support system, you can master any challenge thrown your way.

Thank you, Monica.

We are so grateful to have Monica as a colleague. Thank you for sharing your story with us and the world and for being the powerhouse and beautiful mind that you are.

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Join Monica and us at Rituals!
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