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Have you ever dreamt of a workplace that values not just your skills, but also your potential for growth? At Rituals, your personal and professional development is not just encouraged - it's at the heart of our collective success. Within our nurturing environment, you're invited to learn and discover your hidden talents. Whether you're looking to step into new roles or become an expert in your current one, we consistently provide opportunities to help you excel.

From various learning resources to clear career pathways, we provide all you need to take charge of your own journey. Because when you thrive, so do we. Come evolve with us, and let's grow together.

Rituals Retail Career guide

Our digital guide is here to help you navigate your current job and explore potential career paths at Rituals. It shows all the different jobs we have in retail, the skills and knowledge required for each, and how you could move up. This guide empowers you to make informed choices and take control of your career, with a little help from us.

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Retail Career Path

Stories on Learning & Development

Watch this video to see an open and honest conversation between two of our colleagues. They respond to unknown questions about their personal and professional development and reveal unique insights into their progress.

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Begin your journey with Rootcamp

From your very first day with us, we want you to feel welcome. At Rootcamp, our multi-day interactive onboarding experience, you'll get to know our brand, philosophy, and values. Top management will be right there with you to ensure that everyone feels the unique chemistry that makes our culture special. Rootcamp is a shared experience, allowing you to connect with other enthusiastic colleagues and form bonds that extend far beyond your first days.

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Geraldine, Area Manager, Ireland
"Working with exceptionally talented and fun-loving colleagues, from the head office to the shop floor, has been key to my personal and professional growth. Rituals truly feels like home to me."

Shop Floor Training

Where better to grow than where the action is? Our shop floor is your training ground, and our Retail Trainers regularly join you to ensure that every shopping experience is nothing short of magical. In addition, coaching from our managers will fine-tune your skill set, preparing you for even greater success.

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The Book of Rituals

Challenge yourself with our learning hub: The Book of Rituals. This one-stop resource offers hundreds of learning modules, with articles, videos, quizzes, and downloadable tools for both your personal and professional development. From training about leadership development to courses on personal growth, everything you need for a flourishing career is here. And thanks to our partnership with GoodHabitz, you can delve even deeper into competency-based learning, teamwork, mental wellbeing, and more.

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Leadership Foundation Program

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If you're a shop manager or assistant shop manager, our Leadership Foundation Program is tailor-made for you. Consisting of several engaging training sessions, delivered online or in person, this program is designed to equip you with leadership finesse. It's not just about practical shop management; it’s about unlocking your fullest potential and inspiring your team to do the same.

Expect training on boosting employee engagement, fostering a culture of constructive feedback, leading your team through changes, and hiring for lasting success.

It’s in our nature to care and we always go the extra mile. For sure, that’s hard work. But when your heart & soul are in it, all the energy you put in, returns.


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Our products help you slow down, but at Rituals we move fast

Rituals Employee

Together we go the extra mile by aiming big and acting small

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Having an eye for the world around us, is our way of doing business

Come evolve with us,
let's grow together

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  • Assistant Store Manager - Wexford (40 hours)

    Wexford • 40-40 hours

  • Counter Manager - Brown Thomas Limerick (37.5 hours)

    Brown Thomas Limerick • 37-40 hours

  • Assistant Store Manager - Dublin, Ireland (40 hours)

    Coming Soon - New Store Opening • 40-40 hours

  • Store Manager - Dublin, Ireland (40 hours)

    Coming Soon - New Store Opening • 40-40 hours

  • Assistant Store Manager - Dundrum (40 hours)

    Dundrum • 40-40 hours

  • Assistant Store Manager - Pavilions Swords (40 hours)

    Pavilions Swords • 0-40 hours

  • Store Manager - Kildare (40 hours)

    Kildare Village • 40-40 hours

  • Assistant Store Manager - Killarney (40 hours)

    Coming Soon - New Store Opening • 40-40 hours

  • Store Manager - Killarney (40 hours)

    Coming Soon - New Store Opening • 40-40 hours

  • Store Manager - Jervis Street (40 hours)

    Coming Soon - New Store Opening • 40-40 hours